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Terms and Conditions

Rental terms and conditions

Before you book, we ask you to read the information below carefully. In our “Rental terms and conditions” you will find the rights and obligations of both you and Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala. In addition, important, general information is provided.

  1. Bookings and reservations

You can book via the website where you found your holiday home. Said methods of booking are binding. The Distance Selling Act, in particular the reflection period of 14 working days given therein, does not apply to travel concluded via the internet. This law makes an exception for the tourism sector due to the specific nature of the services provided, in line with the European Directive on distance selling, which also provides for an exception for services related to accommodation. A booking cannot be revoked with the exception of the condition mentioned under point 4.

  1. Booking confirmation and payment

2.1 Every booking request has to be confirmed by Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala. The tenant then pays a 30% down payment of the rent within 7 days. The remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 7 weeks before the start of the rental period. When booking within 8 weeks, you pay the total sum upfront.

2.2 In addition, when booking at short notice, i.e. two weeks or less before the start of the rental period, payment must be made within 24 hours and we ask you to email the proof of payment.

2.3 In the event of late payment, Holiday Home l’Escala is entitled to cancel the booked holiday home. Money already paid will not be refunded. Please note: the cancellation conditions remain in full force (see point 3.2).

  1. Cancellation by the guest

3.1 Cancellations must be confirmed by telephone and email to Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala.

3.2 From the time of booking until 7 weeks before the start date of the rental, we will charge you 30%. From the eighth week before the start date of the rental, we will charge you 100%. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance to cover these costs.

  1. Cancellation by Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala

If any circumstance forces Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala to cancel the rented holiday home, Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala will refund the rent already paid to the guest, but without compensation for any damage whatsoever.

  1. Liability of the guest

5.1 During your stay in the holiday home, the guest is fully liable for the rented holiday home, the furnishings and all items belonging to the rented property.

5.2 Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala is entitled to always and still hold the guest liable if the damage caused has not been settled or not properly settled, or if the costs to be paid have not been paid (in full) by the guest. All related (collection) costs are fully borne by the guest named in the booking confirmation.

5.3 House rules present and/or provided at the holiday home are an integral part of the rental agreement and must therefore be strictly observed.

  1. Liability of Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala

6.1 Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala is not liable for loss, theft, damage or injury, of whatever nature, caused to or by guests of holiday homes contracted by Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala.

6.2 Obvious errors or mistakes in the description or prices of the holiday homes offered by Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala are not binding on Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala. Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala is not liable for interim changes in data and prices. The (price) information on the website is leading. Therefore, the (price) information published earlier will lapse.

6.3 Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala is not liable for damage caused by natural disasters, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence and coming into contact with an aircraft or parts thereof.

6.4 Not all sports facilities, swimming pools, restaurants and shops mentioned in the house description are open day in and day out, all year round. Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala is not liable for facilities that were not accessible during your holiday for whatever reason. Use of all facilities is at your own risk. The facilities and activities mentioned are not, of course, free of charge, open all day or all year round. Due to circumstances, facilities may fail or be temporarily unavailable. This also applies to communication and internet connections. You cannot claim any refund from Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala for this.

6.5 It may happen that work is taking place in the vicinity of your holiday home, such as construction work, road construction or other activities. Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala is not liable for any nuisance resulting from this. After all, we cannot stop such activities.

6.6 Dutch law applies to our rental conditions. Any disputes must be submitted to a competent court in the Netherlands.

  1. Number of guests

It is not allowed to exceed the maximum number of persons as stated in the description. It is also not allowed to place a tent, caravan or camper on the property of the holiday home without consultation. In both cases, the owner is entitled to refuse the additional guests access to the rented property or to charge additional costs.

  1. Pets

These are only allowed if stated in the description. The number of pets stated on the booking confirmation may not be exceeded. Some owners charge a fee or an additional deposit per pet. Please take this into account.

  1. Bed linen and (kitchen) towels

The guest provides sheets and (kitchen) towels himself, unless the rental of these is stated as an option in the description of the house. If you want to make use of this, please state this on the booking form when making your reservation, and you pay the amount locally to the manager.

  1. Furniture/decor

Each house has a bathroom with shower or bath, sink, toilet, hot and cold water and a kitchen with cooking facilities and refrigerator/freezer. Most houses also have a dishwasher and washing machine. You will find this in the house description on our website.

  1. Safety deposit

You are obliged to pay a deposit on arrival. The height is stated on the description of the house. Make sure that you can pay the deposit in cash upon arrival. The following costs can be settled with this on departure: loss, damage, costs of an extra necessary cleaning, etc. You will receive the deposit back from the Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala at departure. Paying the deposit on site and receiving it is a matter between the Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala and the guest. Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala accepts no liability for damage as a result of problems arising from this. We will always mediate. If there is compensation for damage, it is advisable to request an invoice so that the tenant can claim this with his travel insurance.

  1. End cleaning

The house must be left broom clean. All houses have a mandatory final cleaning. This is stated in the description. The fee is payed to Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala on site.

  1. Check-in and check-out

If the arrival time is later than 4 pm, Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala shall be informed. Departure time is before 10.01 am. After arrival and on departure, the guest checks the property together with the Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala. Before departure, any loss or damage to the house or inventory will be charged. If the tenant has a complaint on arrival, he must immediately inform Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala.

  1. Tourist tax

This is levied by the municipality and collected by Vacances l’Escala/Vakantiehuis l’Escala and amounts to a few euros per person per week. This is always mentioned in the description.

  1. Private space of the owner.

The closed private space of the owner must be respected.

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